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Dreamweaver Newbie Needs Help!

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I have been using PHP and MySQL for some time now, hand-coding everything in plain text editors. My new boss is insisting that I learn Dreamweaver MX (because that is what he has), so I sat down with it today. I can NOT get it to work with my PHP files though. I can open, create, and edit any kind of file, but when I open or create a PHP file I can't do anything other than enter plain text. All of the tools go dim, and I am unable to take advantage of any of the supposedly useful features of Dreamweaver. Basically I am stuck with a very hoggish text editor when looking at php files.


Any advice? What might I be doing wrong here?

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I have been using dreamweaver for quite sometime and have just recently upgraded to dreamweaver 8 and like your boss, I wouldn't code php with anything else. Color coding makes life easier


I have never experienced the problems your having though, for starters, I would just try a uninstall and reinstall and see if that helps

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DMX doesn't have very much ability when it comes to PHP. Dreamweaver considers PHP files to be HTML files with PHP code inside, not echo commands. Therefore, your all-code pages won't work there. Sorry.


Yes, the files I have been using so far have been pure PHP, no HTML in them at all, save for inside some echo commands. So how do I work around this?


So are you saying that to use DMX with PHP, I should just create my HTML files and put PHP in them, save them with a php extension, but let DMX create them "as" html?


(And on a side note, notepad++ is quite sufficient for making coding easier as far as visually enhancing the code for understandability. If that's the only reason for using Dreamweaver, it's not worth it. If I can't take advantage of any of the WYSIWYG features for layout, or the organizational features for large site management, I might as well continue to hand-code in notepad++., or use zend or something cheaper or open-source)

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This is kind of a stupid question, but i have been useing dreamweaver for several years now, but i mainly use it for creating the html the way i want and then put in the php or echo the stuff i need to make it dynamic, recently a friend of mine said that dreamweaver can manage variables and other dynamic features of php and mysql,


is it worth it to try to use these features or are do they overly complicate things.

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