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Trap Barn - simple and fast enough?


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As an septuagenarian, I needed something to keep me active in retirement so I set up TrapBarn to be  fast and simple whilst providing support to customer.

My customers  are mostly gamekeepers, farmers etc - many of who grew up before the internet age. Hence the need for a straight forward site that is intuitive.

Is there anything more that I need to do on that front?

On GTMatrix it  is returning 95% on performance and 100% on structure. Time to interactive is 464ms


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The css and in some cases, html could use some improvement.  You have a lot of wonky styling that could be improved.  Just off the top of my head:

  • Header/menu needs padding.  
  • Move Logo into header.
  • Figure out typography
  • All pages should have an h1 that matches the primary purpose/menu selection
  • Home page menu is broken
  • Header footer color is neon eye bleed green.  I'd suggest you match your colors to your logo image.
    • You can use a paint dropper app to figure out what those colors are.
  • Images should be conformed to standard sizes.

Scrimba has a bunch of free courses you can go through online to better learn html/css if you aren't sure of how you could make these changes to your existed pages and templates.


A few that would probably help you figure this out:

  • Html & CSS Crash course (Kevin Powell)
  • Learn Flexbox for free (Per Borgen)


I've attached an image to help with these comments:


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