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On 12/25/2022 at 2:09 AM, flap said:


I have recently started learning PHP and would like to become a PHP Developer in the future. I also learned some JS and Python.


Hope your studies are going well flap.  Web development is a huge area of study, with a lot of interdependent technologies and complexity.   

If you want to do development with PHP, then you should focus on the front end things you need (html, css, js) and a backend technology (php or python or nodejs or ruby or... ) + mvc framework.   Typically any backend application needs a way to persist and organize data, so that often leads into SQL and relational databases, or possibly a document database or some other alternative.  That is a substantial and highly valuable area of study in itself, separate from a server side language.  It tends to be that, for example, a good understanding of relational database design and SQL is a skill that is applicable across backend languages.  Each has one or more client library implementations that allow you to interact with the database, but all of them work from the same set of fundamentals, and it's only the specific language syntax that is different.

When you are proficient in building apps, then it's great to become a polyglot.

From a computer science student point of view, I would recommend that rather than go from, let's say, learning PHP to learning Python, a student is far better off learning C.  From that point, learn whatever you want.

Many languages are either object oriented or have an object oriented layer/extension to the language.  PHP is no different and has added many oop features in the last 10 years, most of them aimed at framework developers and professionals who want to implement OOP design patterns in their PHP applications.  So this is one other area of complexity.

From a front-end standpoint css frameworks like bootstrap or materialUI and Tailwind have proliferated.

Javascript frameworks like react and Vue are being employed to create interactive web UI.

Your time would be best spent figuring out a stack of tech that works for you, and creating apps with that stack.

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