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numbers and math driven websites

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Hello everyone,

i recently played with some code which uses a number delimited hyperlink reference to traverse the weeks of a year. Please see this thread to follow along with my question. Honestly, run my code in xampp to make the picture clearer if it isn't clear enough.

link to my code example: 

imagine that clicking through the numbers 1 to 52 loaded 52 different webpages from a site. One could traverse the content of an entire website with one navigation system. Then i realize that we already play this numbers game: zipcode, street address (also has a string name). So when i imagine php pages named using numbers instead of words, such as 110 for index page of the domain, i realize how easily we could use math formulas and statistics to quickly add power to our web apps. I started jotting down some ideas but i wonder if this concept is already being used behind the scenes. I really wonder if it is the engine to sites like Google. The url string names are just string representations of the actual number system used to design the app and its pages. As it stands, i've always been influenced to name my pages with language strings (index.php, news.php, shinynewproducts.php, et cetera)

i hate the idea of trying to develop my own system when one may already exist. I just cannot find examples of such a system. I imagine that math could be used to traverse a category by range with previous and next buttons et cetera. random pages would be easier to load. The ideas are endless when we switch from language and strings to numbers.

I wonder if anyone has some links to material covering this subject? i cannot find the right search words in Google...


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15 minutes ago, Barand said:

What about the Dewey Decimal System used by libraries?

yes! that is a fantastic idea. I am sometimes stupid and miss the obvious. Thank you for the wondeful suggestion.

you know, i have been trying to find ways to stop my website programming from having memory problems. Thus i have recently searched for ways to limit my php code memory usage. I discovered generators but i see no way to yield array values. I found a way to use a generator to yield arrays but then i realize that it doesn't prevent the array from being loaded into memory. Now i think about the keys on a keyboard and character mapping. aha! it is possible to map numbers to names, thus it is possible to use a generator of numbers to loop over a nonexistent array (names are now mathematical numbers). Yet the problem of number naming for a loop is a problem. The dewey decimal system plus character mapping might be the answer!

Thank you, Barand. You are brilliant!

I'm off to look at this system and work on some ideas... very exciting ...

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