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Error reporting

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I have set up an Apache server on a Zorin distro and I have HTML and php working in the browser and MySQL working from the command line.
When I install phpmyadmin, it appears to run but only displays a blank screen.
I have turned on error reporting in the php.ini files mentioned in phpinfo() but no errors are reported. To test the error reporting I created a PHP script containing a deliberate error and that error isn't reported either.

Are there other directives I should be setting to enable error reporting to both console and a file?

Can anyone suggest what may be wrong or steps I can take to discover the reason for my issues?

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1 hour ago, Studiosoft said:

I have turned on error reporting

exactly what settings and what values did you set them to? you should set error_reporting = E_ALL (this value is case-sensitive) and set display_errors = On (this value is not case-sensitive) and these lines should not be commented out.

did you stop and start your web server to insure that any changes to the php.ini took affect?

what does the phpinfo() output show for these settings after you have attempted to set them and restarted the web server?

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