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Looking for experienced LAMP developer for on-going additions to a custom ERP like application

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My name is Jonathan and the company I work for is looking to outsource some development work to free up some of my time as well as expedite some of our development goals.

I am a developer Myself and I am the developer who made the software. The software manages communication and production status in a large-scale (200k+ sqft) manufacturing environment. We are based in Texas. 

Most of the beginning projects will be relatively simple to an experienced developer; that being said I do understand said developer will need to familiarize themselves with the code as this is not an out of the box framework, etc. The first project will consist of developing an inventory tracking system which won't be much more than a simple CRUD application as a good trial run before we step into other projects.

This developer will need to be well versed in front-end languages/libraries like jQuery, etc. 

Pay and more details about the project will be discussed further during our initial conversation. We are willing to pay fairly for the talent you have.

Please contact me at mongoose00318@gmail.com with your resume and portfolio. We can then setup a Teams meeting to have our initial discussion to better familiarize you with the project.

Please be aware, after our initial discussion, an NDA will be required.

Thank you for your time and interest.

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