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the root directory file

Hi, I'm Theo and I'm one of the people behind a PHP code security scanner that''s currently in beta and it is FREE. We are planning on transferring it to a subscription model in March 2024 but right now it's free and we are collecting feedback from fellow PHP programmers to make sure it works well.

So far, we have added GitHub and GitLab by popular demand and generally the feedback has been positive.

However, there are also known issues -- sometimes parts of code don't scan, sometimes (allegedly) there are vulnerabilities the scanner doesn't catch (but those were just claims and no code was ever provided to us :().

My team and I would be really grateful if you gave it a try and let us know what worked for you and what didn't, as well as any other comments you might have (maybe regarding the general look of the website etc.)

I joined this project because I personally just want to make the internet a safer place. I know it's an impossible ambition to achieve but hey, one step at a time?

The link to the scanner is here. I have already spoken with my colleagues because recently, I was accused of being a hippie scammer (wow) cause the only time you see that the advances features of scanner are free is if you actually go to the subscription plan and only then does it show that the advanced features are free at the moment.

I hope you give it a try!

The way it works is, you upload your code (or parts of your code) and the scanner looks for vulnerabilities which you can then download in a pdf format. It (the scanner) should also give you suggestions on how to fix them. Please do let me know if you try it and something doesn't work! And please provide the code that you've used.

Thank you so much in advance!

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