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Timestamp difference - using subtraction between the two in the database

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Hello. I have 2 columns called "visited" and "created_at"
I want to get the time between the two (visited date changes each time a person visits their login)

So the goal is to echo, for example

Created At
Jan 27 2024 09:41AM

Visited At
Jan 29 2024 09:41AM

Last visit was 2 days ago

I can't seem to get this right. Any help is appreciated.
This is what I have so far

$date1 = $row["date_format(created_at, '%b %e %Y %h:%i%p')"];
$date2 = $row["date_format(visited, '%b %e %Y %h:%i%p')"];
$datediff = $date1 - $date2;

echo "<b>$datediff</b>";

However, the following will echo them if I have it like the following, though thats each date and no subtraction

echo '.$row["date_format(visited, '%b %e %Y %h:%i%p')"].';

echo '.$row["date_format(created_at, '%b %e %Y %h:%i%p')"].';

Also I have this 

$sql = "SELECT date_format(visited, '%b %e %Y %h:%i%p'),date_format(created_at, '%b %e %Y %h:%i%p')";


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$created = new DateTime('2024-01-27 09:41:00');
$visited = new DateTime('2024-01-29 09:41:00');

echo $visited->diff($created)->format('%a days');          // 2 days


SELECT created
     , visited
     , timestampdiff(DAY, created, visited) as days
FROM test_1;

| created             | visited             | days |
| 2024-01-27 09:41:00 | 2024-01-29 09:41:00 |    2 |


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@Barand thank you. Can you tell me how I would subtract the current from the value in the database. For example

Current time is 2024-01-29 09:41:36
and the column "Visited" is 2024-01-28 09:41:36

Then I would echo "Last Visited 1 Day Ago"

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