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how to append data to end of array in php

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array(1) { ["data"]=> array(2) { [0]=> array(14) { ["Q_id"]=> string(438) "1.1.1|||1.1.2|||1.1.3|||1.1.4|||1.1.5|||1.1.6|||1.1.7|||1.1.8|||1.1.9|||1.1.10|||1.1.11|||1.1.12|||1.1.13|||1.1.14|||1.1.15|||1.1.16|||1.1.17|||1.1.18|||1.1.19|||1.1.20|||1.1.21|||1.1.22|||1.1.23|||1.1.24|||1.1.25|||1.1.26|||1.1.27|||1.1.28|||1.1.29|||1.1.30|||1.1.31|||1.1.32|||1.1.33|||1.1.34|||1.1.35|||1.1.36|||1.1.37|||1.1.38|||1.1.39|||1.1.40|||1.1.41|||1.1.42|||1.1.43|||1.1.44|||1.1.45|||1.1.46|||1.1.47|||1.1.48|||1.1.49|||1.1.50" ["QueNo"]=> NULL ["qNo"]=> string(238) "1|||2|||3|||4|||5|||6|||7|||8|||9|||10|||11|||12|||13|||14|||15|||16|||17|||18|||19|||20|||21|||22|||23|||24|||25|||26|||27|||28|||29|||30|||31|||32|||33|||34|||35|||36|||37|||38|||39|||40|||41|||42|||43|||44|||45|||46|||47|||48|||49|||50"["SECTION"]=> string(9) "SECTION A" } [1]=> array(14) { ["Q_id"]=> string(106) "1.1.51|||||||||||||||||||||||||||" ["QueNo"]=> string(33) "b|||c|||d|||e|||f|||g|||h|||i|||j" ["qNo"]=> string(47) "51|||51|||51|||51|||51|||51|||51|||51|||51|||51"["SECTION"]=> string(9) "SECTION B" } } }

from the above array, i need to associate values in each key to others for display.

i have tried getting different field to separate array like so:

         for ($i = 0; $i < count($data); $i++){


First the data is overwritten in the arrays($Q_Id,$QueNo) how can i avoid that. So that on second loop data is simply added to the end of the array

after exlode()




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Well it was the first thought on how to get the data together as a first working solution.

But now as you go along in the display, things come up and iam forced to look of another hack around .

can you assist please?

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13 minutes ago, Barand said:

Not without any psychic abilities.

In other words

  1. I have no idea what the original source of your data looks like, and
  2. I have no idea what you want the final display to look like.

Any processing to go from (1) to (2) is completely dependent on knowing those. All you have given us so far is an intermediate array that isn't what you want.

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I figured it out as i was seeking assistance.

In the for loop is where i had to do the data display and not outside of it.That way the array is still present during the iteration.

All your replies were a help thanks

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