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adding to a number

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I want to a number to a members points in my database.


So I have this :

//add 150 points

$query = \"UPDATE stats SET points = \'150\' WHERE id = \'$user\' \";

mysql_query($query, $mysql_access);


else {

// false, not working properly




However, I want to ADD points rather than replace the existing points completely. Is there a way to add on points? ...well I am sure there is but my study book (broke down and bought one) doesn\'t show how to attack that problem.


Any thoughts?

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Thanks Doc...

Yeah it worked as I am sure you knew...I don\'t feel too much like a shmuck for asking a question with such an easy fix...

This board is magic! I enter a question and *poof* there\'s the answer.



Just so you know I have been playing with that for 3 days.....


Thanks again.

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