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Can't understand how to get date_format to work!

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Okay, here is my code:




include \"config.php\";


$db = mysql_connect($db_host,$db_user,$db_pass);

mysql_select_db ($db_name) or die (\"Cannot connect to database\");

/* We have now connected, unless you got an error message */

/* Lets post some news ! */

$query = \"INSERT INTO news(title, news, author, date)

VALUES(\'\".$_POST[\'title\'].\"\',\'\".$_POST[\'news\'].\"\',\'\".$_POST[\'author\'].\"\', now())\";


echo \"<b>Your entry has been successfully added.</b><p>\";





As you can see, it inserts \"now()\" as the date (which is the current date in MySQL, which I\'m sure you know).


It comes out: 2003-04-09


I need to do two things:

1) Set the GMT offset to -5 (I posted it the 8th here and it says it\'s the 9th)

2) Reformat it to say April 8th, 2003


I\'ve tried using the date_format thing but I can\'t quite get it to work. Could you give me a snippet of code to get it to work properly given my code?



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