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Session Counter

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I got this script....

[code]  <?php
     define("MAX_IDLE_TIME", 3);
     function getOnlineUsers(){
     if ( $directory_handle = opendir( session_save_path() ) )
        $count = 0;
        while ( false !== ( $file = readdir( $directory_handle ) ) )
           if($file != '.' && $file != '..')
              if(time()- fileatime(session_save_path() . '\\' . $file) < MAX_IDLE_TIME * 60)
           return $count;
           return false;
     echo 'Number of online users: ' . getOnlineUsers() . '<br>';

.. from [a href=\"http://www.devarticles.com/c/a/PHP/The-Quickest-Way-To-Count-Users-Online-With-PHP/1/\" target=\"_blank\"]here[/a] and it says it does what i want but i can't get it to run correctly... i keep getting an error on the "else"... i can't figure out why.. i've read through it a bunch and everything that is opened seems to be closed correctly and the else appears to be in the correct location.

The error i get looks like this...

[code]Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ELSE in /home/content/*/*/*/*****/html/test/index.php on line 149[/code]

... where line 149 contains the "else" phrase.

Any ideas? Thanks

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