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I hope someone can please help me.

I have been trying to use HV Menu from www.dynamicdrive.com. This works fine except for one small thing. I would like the submenu's to be pulled from a mysql database so that when menu items are added or deleted it will dynamically reflect on the page.
There will be a connection between the top level menu item and its subcategories.
Is this possible and if so what is the best way to accomplish this

Appreciate any help



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Everything is possible :-)

I haven't checked the exact js-library you are referring to, but as long as you can accomplish your submenu-goal with static code, it's only a matter of getting your mysql output into the same structure as the script requires. Of course this again depends on your ability to produce a mysql table input/output with a sever side language. So what are you asking for? PHP help or javascript help. If you write your request more spescific towards what you are looking for, maybe you'll get the answers.

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