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Dropdown menu changes options in another

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I've been looking around and I can not seem to find a simple enough example of what I want to do with javascript and drop down menus.

With my first <select> I generate the menu from a PHP array (string and string)

depending on what item the user clicks on I want it to populate a corrisponding <select> with another array that is set using PHP

I could probally do this with $_GET after selecting the first option, but I would rather have it load the 2nd <select> without reloading the page. There are other form elements that I dont want the user to have to re-enter :)

Why does this seems harder than I thought it would?

Would I use the OnChange option for the <select> then pass the value of the selectedindex? I am thing unsure how would I go about having javascrip update the 2nd <select> by populating it with one of the indexes from a multidimention array based on the first <select>

Hopefully that makes sense.

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Since PHP is serverside, it cant tell what varible is selected in the javascript. I saw an suggestion to use the DOM and have javascript request something from the server, but thats too much work for what I am trying to do...


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