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permissions to a FAT drive as a document root

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I am VERY new to linux


I have just installed mandrake 9 as a dual boot option on my p.c

I also created a fat drive to act as my document root so the files were available to either w2k and linux.

I have successfully changed the doc root in the apache config for the win2k side of things but when I change the docroot for the nix server it give me a permissions error. I have full permissions for the directory/drive concerned but it will still not give me access via the nix apache server (localhost).

as soon as I change the doc root back everything is fine.



is there a seperate conf file I need to edit ?

and if so how would i do this?


just in case you are wondering.. I do most of my editing in a W2K enviroment but want to do the bulk of my testing in a linix enviroment as it idenifies a lot mor bugs..and can\'t see the point of duplicate files all over the place



any help please.

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