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Tip: Getting started with Jedit

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Jedit is by far my favorite text editor for a number of reasons (all platform being number 1),
but the "dry install" doesn't have everything that you'd want. This is easily remedied, so here's a short To-Do to get you rolling with Jedit.

Firstly, it doesn't have FTP/SFTP out of the box, you'll have to get it as a plugin. But the default site that it tries to get plugins from is unresponsive most of the time, so select a different mirror:

From the top menu, select Plugins -> Plugin Manager -> Download Options -> Update mirror list -> (pick something other than Central default, like UofM). Now you can get your plugins.

FTP you'll want for sure.
BufferTabs is great if you don't like the dropdown for open files.
PHPParser is great if for your PHP scripts (includes dockable panes for error checking and class/function structure).

I suggest getting to know how what your docking options now (Utilities->Global Options->Docking).
I keep my Structure browser and ErrorList docked left, and my BufferTabs docked at the top, but that's just me.

Take a few minutes to play with the colors too. I love having a black background.
(Global Options ->  TextArea , SyntaxHighlighting)

mmmm,  Jedit.  ;D
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