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/<p>((A |An |The )?)<b>Theodore Roosevelt<\/b>.[^\.]*(\.|\?|!)/i

I'm newish at regex, so I can't figure this out out. The above regex basically matches up until it finds punctuation. For example, the following would be a match:
<p><b>Theodore Roosevent</b> text text text.

BUT, I want it to ignore certain punctiation, for example the period after Jr., so that it would be able to match

<p><b>Theodore Roosevent</b> (Theodore Roosevelt Jr.) is a really cool guy.

I would want it to ignore the . after Jr and go all the way up to the end of the sentence. I tried a bunch of things out but couldn't figure it out. Any help would be mucho appreciated.
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That's too much logic to be automatic. How is it supposed to discern between an abbreviation and the end of a sentence? Regexes are powerful but they can't read English. You could add in some things to ignore, like "Jr.", but your regex would have to keep growing as you add more.

/<p>((A |An |The )?)<b>Theodore Roosevelt<\/b>([^\.]|Jr\.)*(\.|\?|!)/i
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Edit: Doesn't work. It looked like it would, don't know why it doesnt.

Edit dos: I got it to work with
$pattern = "/<p>((A |An |The )?)<b>$word<\/b> ((.[^\.]*)?(Jr\.)?(.[^\.]*))(\.|\?|!)/i";
but did I do more than I had to?

Edit 3: The above works, but also continues on to find second period even if Jr. isn't found.
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