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phpgtk question

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I know very little about its usage but I read that source can be compiled for desktop app purposes. If that is the case, are there ways for me to connect to and view my webcam and connect to sound devices going this route?

Php has been a formidable mountain for me to climb thus far and I'd like to stick with a derivative of it at least.. if its possible. I have visual C++ 6.0 if I have to go down that road for my needs, but I don't know a darn thing about C and I'm already late in the game attempting to bring a home brewed web app to life. >_<

Any and all replies are greatly appreciated.

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Well, the GTK Bindings are for the Web Server. So, if you're asking if you can embed GTK code, and have it display on a site, the answer is no.

PHP in that sense is not a server application to be embedded in to Apache. It's a app much like you'd traditionally use, say, python. (On the CLI)

To answer your question, the easiest way to get a webcam live feed on to your site is most likely Flash.

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