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Need a php uploading form, and store data in XML file Read here more info (HELP ME)

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Hi, i am trying to create a website using the google maps (www.property.xeonhost.co.uk) as you can see, and i want a page where people can upload there images and information as follows

Picture: ______.jpg/gif etc

once they upload that information i want it to store in a XML file (you can view the XML file here (www.property.xeonhost.co.uk/example.xml)

Then already the information displays on the google map (www.property.xeonhost.co.uk) when you click the red spots,

So what i want is a uploading script where customers will upload there files (stated above) and then it will be stored in that xml file,

I would also like a paypal payment system so customers have to pay (eg 5.00) and once they have paid it will take them to the upload page where they can then upload there information.

If any of you can tell me how to do this or where to get a script similar to this it would help thanks

email mattonline1@gmail.com
msn matthewsmith007@msn.com

i am offering free webhosting (www.xeonhost.co.uk) for anyone who is willing to help me
unlimited space/bandwdith etc cpanel (latest version)


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