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This question is in regards to Jetbox CMS. I would go to their suppport forums but they are plagued with spambots and the project owners have obviously abandoned it. Their sourceforge Forum hasn't had a post since July of '05. However there was a script update in November.

Alright well...
Jetbox one is a Core CMS script, it is not ideal for newbies but it is flexible enough to do what I want it to do, and I have came pretty far, so I will continue to challenge myself.

The admin area is constructed of "Containers" which are structured forms linked to individual tables within the database. This is handy because you can generate forms from specified tables, control work-flow, etc

What I need to do is link my 'blog' table to my 'user' table, So that when posting a blog the script will recognize the user and post it with their Author Name [field: display_name]

For the sake of your eyes I will not show any irrelevant code.

Below is the array that defines the target of the path. The array structure is as follows:

format: fieldname,fieldtype,display text
That would be field "author" from the 'blog' table.
'valuefromurlshowlinked' is a parameter set by Jetbox, that supplies all code to specified queries set by the array below and shows the result within the form. (phpxref showed alot of JS related to it)

Here is the array that defines the query
The format is: appliedfieldname, tablename, tableprimarykey, tabledisplayfield, argument
$dropdown = array(
    "author"=>array("user", "uid", "display_name", ""),

The problem is I don't know how to supply the argument [the last column in the array]

I was almost positive it would be uid [the session]. But it did not work. So I tried uid and all sorts of combinations but nothing worked.

When posting a blog the result to the 'Author' field is 'none.'

If you have any idea what the argument should be please reply. If you need more info say so. IF you can't help... then thank you for your time

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