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Internal Server Error / Script Timeout

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So I have a script that goes to a page and rips it of all the numbers and then goes onto the next page, etc etc. Basically the script works 100% and I can do up to about 90 pages at a time; as soon as I try and do any more than that - I get an "Internal Server Error" after a while. I tried the whole ob_start / flush theory which is supposedly supposed to work and it hasnt. Any idea's?
- PHP is installed as CGI
- Running Apache
- Script is run off a local webserver and connects to remote page

Here is my script:
[code]$none_found = '';
$found_num = '';
$found_at = '';


for ($i = 1; $i <= 90; $i++)
    $fh         = fopen("http://www.someplace.com/index.php?id=". $i,'r');
    $result = '';

     $result .= fgets($fh);


    $message = strip_tags($result);

    if (preg_match("|\d{3} \d{3} \d{4}|", $message, $numbers_found))
        $found_at  .= $i .",";
        $found_num .= $numbers_found[0] .'<br>';
        mysql_query('insert into zzz_numbers (cellphone) values (\''. $numbers_found[0] .'\')');
        $none_found .= $i .',';
    if (substr($i,strlen($i)-1) == '0')
      echo ".";
echo "<br><br>None found at:<br>". $none_found;
echo "<br><br>Found at:<br>". $found_at;
echo "<br><br>Numbers found :<br>". $found_num;

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