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Fopen help, and timing deletion

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Im using a query with GET statements to setup something.
example: index.php?bot=01&slotsused=20&uptime=2000

And, when I have it get those from the url, i have it fwrite to a file. But, I want the file to be cleared every ten minutes.
What im using this for, is an IRC Bot Network. I use Gamesurge, and we have a Bot service to help people manage their IRC Channels.
With this, we can allow them to check the status of the bot via our website.
We have the bot visit the index.php?blahblah every 600seconds. Which re-writes to the file. But if the bot is down, obviously, it cannot show the bot as down, we'll have to run the query manually. We want it to clear itself every 600 seconds if it hasn't been updated.

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks a ton!

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