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Help with sorting arrays in PHP5, script works in 4.3.1

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Hi everyone,

My host has recently upgraded to PHP 5.0.4, which i love the new image manuipulation features, but sadly one of my sorting scripts no longer works. the script terminates... no error messages... no nothing

function DESC($a, $b)
      return strcasecmp($b[1],$a[1]);

function ASC($a, $b)
    return strcasecmp($a[1],$b[1]);

if ($dir=="DESC") usort($transport_info, 'DESC');
else usort($transport_info, 'ASC');

How can i make this compatible with PHP5, i have heard that there is something about it that won't return values from functions or something like that.

Perhaps there is a work about way to get this going that works with both PHP4 and PHP5

Thanks in advance for your help and advise

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