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Pulling Variables from 3rd Party Return Page

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Hello all.

I've run into a problem that I know I will encounter again and I'm not sure how this is to be done. I am a novice coder and am able to validate a form and write simple if else statements using variables, etc.

However, I am now building something using an API interface. A GET method is required when sending the data to the 3rd party, and they in turn send back either txt, html or a xml response. My question is how do I read that response on the back end and then continue on in my site.

For example, to check a domain names availability, one would enter the desired domain name and hit submit. I can build that form no problem. But where does the next page go? Since it is a get method I obviously need to hide my values so I assume I would use a POST to go to a "check" page, capture those variables the 3rd party requires and then send them from the "check" page, which I do not know how to do. Then a response will come back (to where I'm not sure). I then need to check that reponse (I'm assuming on the same "check" page somehow) and then issue some kind of resopnse to my user saying either "true" or "false".

Hopefully this makes sense and there is a simple solution to my problem that am not aware of. T.I.A. for any help.

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Well you can try out the CURL function in PHP... following is the link


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