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Apache 2.0.40 on OS/390 (USS) - not excecute (SRC=)

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I have installed Apache 2.0.40 on OS/390, running under Unix System services. All \'instream\' javascripts work fine, but when I point to a external resource javascript file (<SCRIPT SRC=xxx.js LANGUAGE=... TYPE=...></SCRIPT>


I get the famous, unknown 500 return code and nothing happens with the script. \'Premature end of script headers\'


I check the authority of each js file, and permit Write to everyone...(just to test it), I have the </Directory> statement with OPTION ExecCGI on,The directory where the script is is 777. I have the AddType and AddHandle, which points to Javascript......


What am I missing. All the other webpages works fine, but I just cannot include external resource files as scripts?



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