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Uploading Image/ Updating record via form

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Hi folks...ive been searching for a suitable tutorial for the last fews days, so i hope that theres someone that can put me in the right direction....

I have designed a form that updates a record set, i.e event, date, description etc etc. What i would like to do is include in this form a browse for image file and enter file name fields. The images will be kept in a images folder....basically, is this possible?

I understand that browsing/uploading gives it a .tmp name, could this predetermined before the upload/update record form is sent by the user entering it?

...on another subject of images, what ive done on a site before is have the same image for the thumb as the main image, and specifcied the sizes by using an image field. Whats the best practice for this, as now i understand these 'thumbs' are the main inages that look smaller but have the same filesize as the main image....One thing that i really hate are images that are stretched out of proporation, so before ive made sure that the images are a certain size ration. Are there any work arounds, rather than changing the file size in photoshop, that will enable a user to upload images that keep the proportion and also keep to a particular size?

Mant thanks in advance for your time

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