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Login / Search form error

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Hi - I'm having a problem with my forms and I'm hoping someone can help.... I've been at it the better part of the day and am at my wits end.

I have an index page that includes login.php and search.php. For some reason when I click on "Search" it tries to validate the login form. Login is validated with Javascript and works fine. The name of each form is different as well as the action - each action points to different pages entirely the only common reference I notice in each is the submit button names - both are sl - however when I change this it still happens.

Any insight as to why this would happen would be awesome!

Thanks - Irene :)

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Maybe I'm just lost on this question, but I'm thinking you'll need to include your code before anyone will understand enough to respond. Covering that, it sounds like an html / javascript problem -- unless your login.php and search.php both fire on plain old $_POST.

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