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PHP/Mysql Server Load Help

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I need the help of some of you PHP experts in Mysql/PHP Programming urgently.


I create routines and programs that are VERY database intensive.. The most commonly requested programs require MANY users to access a LOT of data in various tables and it is never known just how many will be doing this at the same time.


What I NEED from you experts (PLEASE) is suggestions on how to optimize my php/mysql coding to reduce server load.


I have spent hours upon hours searching the web for such information but as I\'m sure you all know this process results in 1 article out of probably 1,000 that has some useful value.. LOL.. to say the least it sucks.


If YOU can help me with suggestions with ideas for reducing Server load in my php/myslq programming it would be MOST appreciated.


Please post your replies here so that others can share in you knowledge and if possible email me at webmaster@amcswebs.com. If you have a website PLEASE send me the url and a banner if you have one. If I use your suggestions I will be sure to make sure people visit your site and will post links on all my sites.


Glen McDonald

AMCS Web Services.

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first off make sure the web server is handling it\'s load properly. are you using apache? as for coding, don\'t use any functions that may be slower (e.g.: the mysql_result documentation states the other fetch ways are faster). use mysql_free_result. use persistent connections (mysql_pconnect). what configuration is mysql using? it comes with small/med/lrg defaults which recommend which you should use. that\'s about it -- i haven\'t read up on the load balancing yet :shock: perhaps run to your local bookstore and thumb through a few of those really think mysql books?

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