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Quickie: Whats the max amount of tables in a mysql DB?

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Just a quick question: Is there a maximum limit of tables that a mysql database can hold, or is it just a factor of disk space?





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How Big Can MySQL Tables Be?

MySQL Version 3.22 has a 4G limit on table size. With the new MyISAM table type in MySQL Version 3.23, the maximum table size is pushed up to 8 million terabytes (2 ^ 63 bytes).


Note, however, that operating systems have their own file-size limits. Here are some examples:


Operating System  File-Size Limit  

Linux-Intel 32 bit  2G, 4G or more, depends on Linux version  

Linux-Alpha  8T (?)  

Solaris 2.5.1  2G (possible 4G with patch)  

Solaris 2.6  4G (can be changed with flag)  

Solaris 2.7 Intel  4G  

Solaris 2.7 UltraSPARC  512G

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