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SQL Statement Hiccups

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I\'ve had a look at this a few times, so I figured you guys would get it right first off, a new pair of eyes and a new brain is all I need:

$addnews_sql = "INSERT INTO `news` (`subject`, `username`, `body`) VALUES (`$_POST[\'subject\']`, `$_POST[\'username\']`, `$_POST[\'body\']`)";

returns the error:

Unknown column \'\' in \'field list\'
while my SCHEMA for that table is:

 newsid int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,

 subject text NOT NULL,

 username text NOT NULL,

 posted timestamp(14) NOT NULL,

 body longtext NOT NULL,

 PRIMARY KEY  (newsid)


Thanks guys,



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I think you used backquotes for the values which are only valid for table and field names.


Single quotes should be used instead:

addnews_sql = "INSERT INTO `news` (`subject`, `username`, `body`) VALUES (\'$_POST[\'subject\']\', \'$_POST[\'username\']\', \'$_POST[\'body\']\')";

Also please note that creating queries that way is not really secure... you should try to see if get_magic_quotes_gpc() returns you true and if it doesn\'t, you should use addslashes() on the values you insert in your query:

addnews_sql = "INSERT INTO `news` (`subject`, `username`, `body`) VALUES (\'".addslashes($_POST[\'subject\'])."\', \'".addslashes($_POST[\'username\'])."\', \'".addslashes($_POST[\'body\'])."\')";

Hope this helps!


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