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mySQL: Matching partial data within a field?

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This has been puzzling me for a couple days now (since I'm still rather unfamiliar with mySQL)... I have two tables set up, one with details of named Groups, the other with Member details. Basically, each Member has been in one or more Groups in the past, so the past groups field contains text data in the format "Groupname, Othergroupname, Yetanothergroupname", etc.

So, to the point: I'm trying to make a query to display any Members whose past groups field [i]contains[/i] the specified Group name. Is there a way to do this, or will I have to make many more fields for each Member, each containing a different Group and just do some sort of join?

Thank you.

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Yes you could always use

SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE `group` LIKE '%$groupvariable%'

And that will return all the data then just runathe usual while ($row=mysq.....

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