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creating database on hosting server

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I have hosting service with database support. There is no database created on the server as yet. I am trying to create one with my script but it is giving me error while on my local machine it executes successfully.


The code that I am using is as below;




$sqlcrt = mysql_query(\"create database air\");


$dbhost = \'localhost\';

$dbusername = \'abc\';

$dbpasswd = \'xyz\';

$database_name = \'air\';


$connection = mysql_pconnect(\"$dbhost\",\"$dbusername\",\"$dbpasswd\")

or die (\"Couldn\'t connect to server.\");


$db = mysql_select_db(\"$database_name\", $connection)

or die(\"Couldn\'t select database.\");


$query = mysql_query(\"CREATE TABLE cities (

id int(10) NOT NULL auto_increment,

name varchar(30) NOT NULL default \'\',

regid int(10) NOT NULL default \'0\',


UNIQUE KEY id (id)






The username and password used above are same as used for connecting to server through FTP.


Plz give me some hint how to resolve the prob.


Thankx for time.

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u havent said mucha bout the error u get.


Are u sure u have the database created in the remote server?


now if ur host is a unix server u can try to use


exec and try to execute the script as .sql

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