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How to get data from mysql using php from 2 tables

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Hi, i need to extract info and display it. The only thing is i have 2 tables. As you can see below this code works when extracting info from one table.

$query_food = "SELECT * FROM stock WHERE
tariff='$_POST[interest]' AND
prodDesc = 'paygo' ORDER BY tariff";
$result = mysql_query($query_food,$connect)
or die ("query_food: ".mysql_error($connect));

This works as when the user selects a certain 'tariff' the above code selects the correct products. However i also want to do a query using the manufacturer name. But the 'maufacturer' is stated in another table called [i]stock_item[/i]. (if i therefore swap '[i]manufacturer[/i]' for '[i]tarrif[/i]' in the above code it wont work as 'manufacturer' is in a different table). So how do i do this?? The tables i have used are:

stock(stockID, colour, modelnum, tariff, pic)
stock_item(modelnum, manufacturer)


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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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