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How to display vertically

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This random image script works ok...but displays the resulys in a line horizontally.
How can I get them to appear below one another.
I've tried putting \n in every place I can think of & nada..


// Connect to the database
mysql_connect ('localhost', 'root', 'sherlock') ;
mysql_select_db ('twihjlight');

// Edit this number to however many links you want displaying
$num_displayed = 4 ;

// Select random rows from the database
$result = mysql_query ("SELECT
(books.Image_Sml != 'images/thumbs/NoImage_sml.jpg') ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT $num_displayed");

// For all the rows that you selected
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))

// Display them to the screen...
echo "<a href=\"books_detail.php?recordID=" . $row["Id"] . "\">
<img src=\"" . $row["Image_Sml"] . "\" border=0 alt=\"" . $row["Titles"] . "\">


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This might not be the answer you're looking for, I'm new here and inexperienced in this category as well.

When looking to make things list vertical though, I use the HTML <br> tag. Though I lack the PHP skills to tell you exactly where to put it, you might know/be able to figure it out.

Just another thing to try if you haven't =)

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All fixed...
Amazing what a bit of sleep can do

$pics="<a href=\"books_detail.php?recordID=" . $row["Id"] . "\">
<img src=\"" . $row["Image_Sml"] . "\" border=0 alt=\"" . $row["Titles"] . "\" >

echo "<table border=0 width=100% >";

echo $pics ."</tr>";
echo "</table>";

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