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Posted 09 March 2006 - 02:06 PM

Hi, im new to JS and am trying to make a javascript..

I orginially downloaded a small script that places an iframe in a layer sumwhere on the page when you click a link. Iv been trying to modify it so that when the user clicks on certain links on the nav.. its opens a small box at the side.. Here's what i have so far in the script:

<script TYPE="text/javascript"><!--
function move_box(an, box)
    var cleft = 0;
    var ctop = 0;
    var obj = an;

    while (obj.offsetParent)
        cleft += obj.offsetLeft;
        ctop += obj.offsetTop;
        obj = obj.offsetParent;

    box.style.left = '300px';

    if (document.body.currentStyle &&
        ctop += parseInt(

    box.style.top = '240px'

function show_hide_box(an, width, height, borderStyle)
    var href = an.href;
    var subject = document.getElementById(title);
    var boxdiv = document.getElementById(href);
    if (boxdiv != null)
        if (boxdiv.style.display=='none')
            move_box(an, boxdiv);
        return false;

    boxdiv = document.createElement('div');

    boxdiv.setAttribute('id', href);

    boxdiv.style.display = 'block';
    boxdiv.style.position = 'absolute';
    boxdiv.style.width = '100px';
    boxdiv.style.height = '100px';
    boxdiv.style.border = borderStyle;
    boxdiv.style.bgColor = '#ffffff';

    If (subject=="htmlcss"){
    boxdiv.innerHTML = '<center><font class="normal">Menu - HTMLCSS</font></center>';
    } else {
    boxdiv.innerHTML = '<center><font class="normal">Menu</font></center>';

    move_box(an, boxdiv);

    return false;

Im not sure if thats totally s*** or not? ..

But, where the if for the subject bit is.. ( subject=="html" ) ..
im trying to customize the content shown in the box depending upon what link is pressed.. i know its sumthing with:

var subject = document.getElementById(title);

i set the title of the link (anchor) and im tryin to return what i set... any help?? Here's a typical link:

             <td width="100%" bgcolor="#3E3D40" style="border: solid 2px #333333" colspan="2" onClick="return show_hide_box(this, 200, 270, '1px solid #999999');" onMouseover="this.bgColor='#7F7D7D';" onMouseout="this.bgColor='#3E3D40';">
              <center><font class="normal"><a title="htmlcss" class="navLink">HTML/CSS ></a></font></center>

at the moment you can find it [a href=\"http://www.newbiestyle.co.uk/wd/index.php\" target=\"_blank\"]HERE[/a]..


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