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Please help with Session [level]

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Hello Guys,

My programmer left suddenly and I need help urgently as i am not a programmer.
I am using a simple logincheck.php file and I want to grant access to User level with '2' and '5'
my current following script is working perfectly if the user level is '2'. BUT how do i add '5'

i.e. I want to give access to user whos level is either 2 or 5 rest all levels will be denied.


  header("Location: http://www.website.com/login/error.php");
} else {
  if($HTTP_SESSION_VARS['level'] != 2){
    header("Location: http://www.website.com/login/error.php");

This code works perfectly... but how do i add
($HTTP_SESSION_VARS['level'] != 5)

I tried using AND & OR .. but its giving error.

I want something like

if($HTTP_SESSION_VARS['level'] != 2) OR if($HTTP_SESSION_VARS['level'] != 5)

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if($HTTP_SESSION_VARS['level'] != 2) || ($HTTP_SESSION_VARS['level'] != 5){

// code to run


this will work, there is other ways but this is all you need

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