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Populating array on page reload

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I've been unsucessfully trying to get this to work for the last hour so I thought I would turn to the experts!

The situation is that I have a page of matches that I would like the user to select from. Say the page is called "matches.php". The table would look like:

Match 1 Dog vs Cat
Match 2 Praying Mantis vs Butterfly

The match players are links, and the match number and player id are passed back to the page, so Dog would be linked as:
<a href="matches.php?match=1&amp;player="Dog">Dog</a>

Now my problem is when the page is reloaded, I want these details to be stored in an array. I thought it would be as simple as:


$match_array[$_GET['match']] = $GET['player'];

Which would be working perfectly [b]except[/b] for the fact that the array gets reloaded everytime I load the page, so it only ever has one entry. I would like it to store all previous match data. I don't have much experience with static and global variables and was hoping someone would be able to suggeset a solution for this,


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Pass the array with sessions, simplest solution I can think of.

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