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Synchronous SQL Processing

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I have a problem where I have a field that represents a flag in a table and as a result of an action in PHP I issue a statement to clear down the flag. Then I issue a command to reset the flag based on user input. Unfortunately the first command hasn\'t finished and the second command kicks in and therefore I get an incorrect result. How do I prevent this from happening in the PHP statements that I issue to MySQL?

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Can u show us ur code


I guess its more of code issue


:arrow: Plz dont post more than once

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Here is the code as it was - I have currently commented out the first two lines and tried a workaround that I am not happy with.


It is fairly generic so probably difficult to understand. I have a table of Months where Month is known as a \"Dimension\". I also have dimension tables for Product and Customer (for example). The GUI drop down lists the various dimensions that are available and then populates the $selDim variable with the name of the table containing this list. The field \"LIMITINT\" is an integer field that contains an integer which is based on the order that the user chose the values in - null if the value wasn\'t chosen. Going into this piece of the routine LIMITINT will contain values. I need to clear them down and then reset them based on the users choices.


	$query = "update LOW_PRIORITY " . $selDim . " set limitint = null;";

$result = mysql_query($query) or die($selDim . " Update (set to NULL) failed");


while ($_GET["selChosen"][$i] != "")


 	$query= "update " . $selDim . " set limitint = " . $i .

   " where dimvalue = \'" . $_GET["selChosen"][$i] . "\'";

 print $query . "<BR>";

 $result = mysql_query($query) or die($selDim . " Update (set limitint) failed");




Does that help?


You can see the screen in question at http://www.besthq.com/genmysql.htm - the second image \"The Selector Tool\". This code runs when the user clicks on OK

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