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Parent fetching

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Ok, got another problem, should be my last :-D.

Anyways, what im wanting to do, if find all parents of a single entry, basically, for a bread crumb. Now I want them seperated by a "," sign or something like that, so I can explode them into a array at a later stage when I fetch them from the database.

The code here is similar to the code I was helped with earlier, but just a little changed

[code]function listparents ($id) {
         $res = mysql_query ("SELECT id, parent FROM proj
                              WHERE id = '$parent'
                              ORDER BY id");
         while (list($id, $parent) = mysql_fetch_row($res)) {
         $parents = $parents.",".$id;

if I say use
[code]listparents ($row['id']);

and add a echo line to the bottom of the listparents function, it give me exactly what I want, exept with a , at the beginning. The only problem is a dont know how to get the final result being say : 15, 19, 32, 45 back to the original function, to add it to the database.

Any help is really appreciated!

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No need to store derivable data in the db. You can get the breadcrumbs with

[code]include 'db.inc.php';

function breadcrumbs ($id, &$p) {

         $res = mysql_query ("SELECT id, name, parent FROM proj
                              WHERE id = '$id'");
         list($id, $name, $parent) = mysql_fetch_row($res);
         array_unshift ($p, $name);
         if ($parent > 0) breadcrumbs($parent, $p);


$id = 10;
$parents = array();
breadcrumbs (10, $parents);

echo join (' » ', $parents);[/code]

(BTW, name your include files as ".php" so they can't be browsed.)

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