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What does this need?


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What does this need?

an original idea.


Whilst $151,600 isn't a bad sum, the fact that the original "inventor" Alex Tew is kinda limping at the moment (call it scraping the barrel if you want) kinda suggests that pixel ads "as is" is dying out. The first one was "quirky" and quite interpersonal - it had a blog, latest news, etc and it had a proper "story" behind it - yet the second one he did, as with all the copycat sites, just came across like people trying to take advantage and jump on the bandwagon, which people don't really appreciate.


as for how it looks:

- the blue background hurts my eyes

- the banner itself has too much space either side of the logo

- generally a better colour scheme other than harsh blue and green

- something other than comic sans...


otherwise, it's generally hard to judge these type of sites considering they're just about throwing as much random junk into one area as possible.


sorry dude, but no thumbs up from me.

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No offence but it looks like a FPJ (Front Page Job). If it wasn't, then you need to work on your design. The buttons like steelmanronald06 said are too far apart and these days there is no reason to have those horrible images as the buttons, you need to use CSS. The site is generally plain, with not much too it and also, the site cant be working too well because the only person to have bought any pixels is the website itself :S

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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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