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  1. [quote author=obsidian link=topic=67269.msg987336#msg987336 date=1221057305] [quote author=micah1701 link=topic=67269.msg838299#msg838299 date=1205328424] php didn't exist when i was 12.   ::)  (actually, no one knew what the Internet was when i was twelve either) but I did teach myself qbasic around that time. That was my first programing "language." [/quote] LONG LIVE QBASIC!!! ;) [/quote] haha yeah!!! i remember gorillas (the example sourcecode/game that came with it) very well - loved it!
  2. i get the same ping results as you and localhost still ok for me, so that's probably not the issue. I've have had cross-browser issues before hence my suggestion - otherwise - this is the point i bail out and say I have not got a clue
  3. might sound like a far fetched guess, but have you tried a different browser? and has the problem occured just today or since upgrading to FF3 (assuming you have)
  4. if you're not a primary Window's user or not familiar with where bits and pieces are, the hosts file is at C: >> Windows >> System32 >> drivers >> etc >> hosts
  5. is your hosts file all ok? amond the other ones i've set up for local dev, my hosts file contains: localhost ::1 localhost
  6. i couldnt agree with you more, only there's big business in domain names if you know what you're doing. if you think about it though, it's just like any other business - buy as cheap as possible, sell for as much as possible. the prices generally only reflect the traffic/keywords/demand for that particular name. if you see one parked, make an offer to the domain owner. i have a couple now that i've gotten for cheap (for what they are) just because the owner couldnt wait to get rid of them and couldnt afford keeping up with constant renewal costs for all the ones they owned.
  7. [quote author=emehrkay link=topic=106377.msg690987#msg690987 date=1189196208] Eh = A [/quote] i didnt get this bit :) :D
  8. I work on both the PC and the Mac depending on where i'm working, so I use DW - but after toying with textmate, I must say I'll probably jump ship once there's a PC version or a good enough equivalent. I LOVE the functionality you get out of just the tab key when creating functions/classes and when you do quotes, the closing quote gets written automatically with the cursor jumping right in the middle...
  9. to be fair to 13th_Star, so does myspace. only difference being myspace did it first in terms of social networking sites mixed with bad HTML - so that was its "quirk" doesnt mean i like what myspace have done though.... personally, i think that "theming" pages should be slightly limited somewhat, rather than allowing full out and out going to town HTML butchery. it's been done now, so time to move on. I can appreciate the work that would have gone into your site so far, but i think you need to change its direction/image slightly to move AWAY from myspace a bit - otherwise, well - might as well just use myspace. the music scene is good on there too - albeit all kinds of music. i'd say it "will do for now" - and as you've got a fair few members, ripping it down and starting again isnt really practical - but maybe it's worth putting a bulletin or something out to them too and see what they say. i'd start probably by making the communal pages more readable and less myspacey, and leaving the dodgy HTML to the member pages. good luck
  10. cant speak for the second point. as for the first, the miscellaneous forum isnt really for solvable questions specifically - rather its for generally everything else. as the bumf suggests on the main page: considering the examples given in the above text: 1, discussions about weather, dogs, cars, etc don't really need to be solved 2, many of the more serious problems in the Misc category are placed in there to avoid members the task of searching for a more relevent place to post 3, if you need to post so many posts in the Misc forum (ie, your posts arent PHP related), then maybe you'd get better answers posting some of your topics in another forum. I dont mean this in a rude/nasty way - but there are adequate forums here to cover everything PHP related, hence it being phpfreaks.com, not answers.yahoo.com. so maybe to keep the site's flow, a solved button would be good - but what are YOUR reasons for wanting a solved button in the Misc forum?
  11. you've asked so many questions recently all in quick succession that i'm trying to get my head around what you're trying to do altogether - as maybe there's already a full solution/CMS out there that will take care of everything you're asking? failing that, simple blogs are ridiculously easy to put together. If you're using either Cake or CodeIgniter like you suggested before, check out the video tutorials which will set you on your way. If not, you still shouldnt have too many problems; in many ways, writing your own blog is easier than trying to butcher an existing blog to suit the style of your own site(s).
  12. well - call me lazy, but i've never noticed those links before either. that's good enough for me! cheers
  13. In the regular reply box, if you look below it in the list of previous messages, each one has an "Insert Quote" link in the UR corner. Click that. sure i understand the actual BBCode button that inserts tags, but when you actually quote a person by clicking 'Quote', it actually pulls the info through such as who made the quote and what time,etc, making it easier to see who's talking about what and in reply to who, etc.
  14. like i say - the ONLY problem i find with the quick reply box it's the only place that 'quoted' messages can be written - unless you know the full ins and outs of the [ quote ] tag to do it yourself or just copy the text, press the 'proper' reply button and paste it. ok, it's not that much hard work, but still. personally, i reckon it'd be better if clicking on "Quote" never used the quick reply area at all, and went straight to the actual reply page, but that might be just me.
  15. yeah much better. i wouldnt necessarily see it as a problem apart from the whole quote thing.
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