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iFrame to Table intergration Problem

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Hey, im working on a large site with multiple pages and updates to parts of each page daily, so its only practical to have the bits that need updating as iFrames (so I only have to update 1 html page, instead of 20).

The site is designed using tables. There is a standard Navigation bar, and what im trying to achieve is when you click (for example) "[b]Roster[/b]" on the navbar, then one of the tables on that page (for example tableID "[b]RosterTable[/b]" will display the iFrame "[b]roster.htm[/b]" in the table "[b]RosterTable[/b]".

I thought it would be a case of changing the button property for "target" to something like "RosterTable" (the id of the table) and the sourse being some sort of <iframe> code... but it doesnt work.

Is it possible to do this? If so.. how!

I apreciate any help on this matter

[a href=\"http://www.dewbie.plus.com/kk/\" target=\"_blank\"]Here[/a] is the web site so you can visualise what im trying to do.

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If it is a button (as in an input button):

[code]<input type="button" value="Roster" onclick="document.getElementById('iframeId').src='roster.htm'" />[/code]

Where 'iframeId' is the ID of the iframe you want to change.

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