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[SOLVED] Visual Basic / MySQL


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I just got started with Visual Basic a few weeks ago. I have a text field named txtZipbox and a button named btnZip. I am wanting to retrieve the data WHERE my Zip column = what someone typed in the txtZipbox. I get an error back saying that txtZipbox.Text is not a column. I know that it's not a column. What do I need to add onto this to make it happen?




Private Sub btnZip_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnZip.Click
        Dim conn As New MySqlConnection
        Dim myCommand As New MySqlCommand
        Dim myAdapter As New MySqlDataAdapter
        Dim myData As New DataTable
        Dim SQL As String

        SQL = "SELECT * FROM smithssc WHERE Zip = txtZipbox.Text"

        conn.ConnectionString = myConnString

                myCommand.Connection = conn
                myCommand.CommandText = SQL

                myAdapter.SelectCommand = myCommand

                dgvStatus.DataSource = myData
                dgvStatus.AutoSizeRowsMode = DataGridViewAutoSizeRowsMode.AllCells
            Catch myerror As MySqlException
                MsgBox("There was an error reading from the database: " & myerror.Message)
            End Try
        Catch myerror As MySqlException
            MessageBox.Show("Error connecting to the database: " & myerror.Message)
            If conn.State <> ConnectionState.Closed Then conn.Close()
        End Try
    End Sub

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