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Session Problems with framesets

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Any help would greatly be appreciated.

I have a login page, that submits a form, and if the client is authenticated, he is redirected to a frameset. Now, when in the process authentication, I set various session variables. My problem is "sometimes" , when the induvidual frames need to read these sessions, the session file is either completely empty or very the values are very weird. I mail myself the session file when this happens, and the result is ...

... access_level|N;auth_user|N;auth_pwd|N; ....

instead of something like

... access_level|s:1:"1";auth_user|s:11:"87635jdg87h";auth_pwd|s:8:"xgJ76Hdv";...

Has anyone seen something like this, or know why this happens ???

I make use of PEAR : HTTP_Session 0.51, but this happend on version 0.1 aswell...

We use a NFS share as the session store directory, but this also happens on the NFS host, which will make use of local file sharing (no mount for the host)


Deon Heunis

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