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PHP with PDFlib

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OK, brand new server running Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 3. I've installed php-4.3.11, and made the PDFlib Lite 6.0.3 source code. I ran [i]pear install pdflib[/i] and gave it the directory of the PDFlib code, and the pear install succeeded.

So why doesn't it work? pear list shows the pdflib install there with the latest version (2.0.5), but phpinfo does not show the pdflib component. Is there something I need to add to php.ini? There's been very little help on this that I could find, and I've followed directions from PHP, PDFlib GmbH, and various sources on the net to no avail.

I get the feeling it's something simple I'm missing, so could somebody help a guy out here?


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