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Apache installation under W2K

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I\'ve recently subscribed to DSL and was trying to set up my computer so that can access it from outside. I tried to install Apache 2.0 but with no luck. When I install it, I get error:

OS 10049 address not valid in context: make_sok could not bind 66.114.xx.xx (my static IP)


and then another error:


OS 2 The system can\'t find file specified. No install service Apache 2.


I\'ve tried to install Apache before and everything would work fine.

May be I am doing something wrong during Apache installation? When prompted for Network Domain, Server Name I put localhost. Should I put something else? Also, I am running Freedom Firewall might this have something to do with it? Although I did try to install Apache after uninstalling Freedom Firewall, but same errors.


May be I can install IIS and don\'t bother with Apache, however would still like to find out why errors occur.


Any help is greatly appreciated,


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