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Find Duplicate Entries in Table

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ARGGGG!!!!  I am destined to never get this query to work.  I never dreamed it would be this difficult.


When running:


SELECT a.title_id as ida, a.programme_name as titlea, a.year_of_production as yeara,

        b.title_id as idb, b.programme_name as titleb, b.year_of_production as yearb

        FROM title a INNER JOIN title b

        ON SOUNDEX(a.programme_name = b.programme_name)

        WHERE a.title_id < b.title_id


I get ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis.  This is the error I was getting with the query I tried back on May 4th.

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Same results as before...it returns over 30,000 records.  I am not getting results that closely match.


Example:  Brotherhood of Justice = Border, The

              Eating Raoul = Eyewitness


I don't think the soundex thing is working for what I need.

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