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Need Help !!

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Hi All


My SQL Ver : 3.23.55-nt


I have one table emp with 2 cols (userid,bossid ), can someone help me

writing the query to find out one user is boss of how many like in this

userid 16 is boss for 2 and userid12 is boss of 3




16 2

13 3

17 0 (Geting this row is imp for me. i mean the )


I should also be able to get total as 0 if the the user is not the boss of

anyone..(as per my data)


Thanks In Advance..




create table emp (userid int,bossid int)

insert emp values(12,0)

insert emp values(13,12)

insert emp values(16,12)

insert emp values(17,12)

insert emp values(18,13)

insert emp values(19,13)

insert emp values(20,13)

insert emp values(23,16)

insert emp values(24,23)

insert emp values(26,23)

insert emp values(27,23)

insert emp values(28,16)

insert emp values(29,26)

insert emp values(30,26)

insert emp values(31,30)

insert emp values(32,31)

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$queried_boss_id = 12;

$sql = "select * from emp where bossid = \'$queried_boss_id\'";

if(mysql_num_rows($sql) < 1)


  $employees = \'No one\';

  $count = \'0\';

} else {

  while($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql))


     $employees .= \' \'.$row[\'userid\'];




print "He is boss of $count";

print "Their ideez being $employees";



..hope this is going your way...

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