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Pagination - need simple help please


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Hey guys, hope someone could help me with this.

Im guite new to php. Actully just doing it to customize some script on my server.


I need to show only few pages on my site, so i have this script wich it does for me, but only on one side:


if ($pages < $page-3) return;


but need add to it the other  side as well: ($pages > $page+3)


When i tried elseif, that didnt work.. Here is the whole script:



function page($url) {
	global $page;
	for ($starter=0; $this->total>$starter; $starter+=$this->limit) {
		if ($pages != $page)
			echo "<a href=\"".$url.$pages."\" class=\"page\">$pages</a> \n";
			echo "<b>[ $pages ]</b> \n";
                if ($pages < $page-3) return;


Anyone could help? Im honestly lost..


Thank you





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I'm not quite sure what you mean.  Could you elaborate a little more?


By the looks of it... it seems like you are trying to show a range of pages according to the current page.  For example:


If you are on page 5 then you want to show 3 4 [5] 6 7


If you are on page 7 then you want to show 5 6 [7] 8 9


Am I correct in assuming this?

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Guest JMitchell

do you mean only include count for group of pages surrounding the page?

$mid = $this->limit / 2;
$starter = ($page >= $mid)?($page - $mid):0;
$ender = (($starter + $this->limit)>$this->total)?$this->total:($page + $mid);
for (; $starter <= $ender; $starter++) {

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// Where $pages is an array which holds the links for each corresponding page number
// Where $currPage is the current page that the user has selected
// Where $pagesLimit is the maximum range of pages available to be selected by the user....i.e., 1 2 [3] 4 5 <- $pagesLimit = 5

// The math you'll have to use to figure out the start page and end page will be more conviluded considering you may enter in an odd number of pages...so you'll have to figure that part out.
function generateLinks($pages, $currPage, $pagesLimit) {
$startPage = $currPage - ($pagesLimit/2);
$endPage = $currPage + ($pagesLimit/2);
for($i=$startPage; $i<$endPage; $i++) {
	if ($i != $currPage) {
		echo "<a href=\"".$pages[$i]['url']."\" class=\"page\">$i</a> \n";
	} else {
		echo "<b>[ $i ]</b> \n";


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Guest JMitchell

JakeTheSnake, your code will not work when currPage = 0 or currPage = lastPage - pagesLimit as its going to generate invalid pages which you cant go to.

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