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  1. Make sure to validate your code. While looking at the source code, you have two DOCTYPEs, two <head> and two <body>.
  2. Very nice design, first of all. I have a couple of suggestions. For that nav to work effectively as tabs (as I'm assuming you are), I think it'll be best if you specified where the user is in terms of the tabs. For example, if I'm at the homepage, the tab "Home" should be highlighted. That's my only complaint so far. Again, nice job!
  3. The only thing I would complain about is the "bar" that goes across the entire page at the top. It's kinda distracting for me. Other than that, nice job!
  4. This is just a simple form for trying to XSS the input/output. If you find any vulnerabilities, please do tell me. I used my custom function to prevent XSS from happening. Any characters are allowed. In other words, try to "hack" this simple form. http://area51.john010117.com/xss.php
  5. Try putting "Navigation" / "Other Links" / "Login" in the top bar. The login form doesn't work (login.php doesn't exist) Center the main content.
  6. No you didn't (at least on the second page if it's a new movie). "><script>alert("hi")</script>
  7. Your site is XSS vulnerable. Try registering w/ the username of: "><script>alert('hi')</script>
  8. I'm using Firefox 3 Beta 5 with a 1280 x 1024 monitor resolution. An annoying horizontal scrollbar appears on my browser window while visiting your site.
  9. Use AJAX, for one. Nobody wants to reload the entire page just to make a shout.
  10. What sstangle73 said is true. <?php $dir = 'upload/02_00'; echo (count(glob($dir . '/*')) === 0) ? '<a href="upload/0200.php"><img src="img/0200.png" border="0"></a>' : '<img src="img/booked.png" border="0">'; ?>
  11. <?php error_reporting(E_ALL); ?> at the top of every page. If you're using a custom error handler, use set_error_handler(function_name)
  12. Letting users use HTML is a huge security risk. That's what I believe BBCodes are for.
  13. Just found the include directory. Huge security risk.
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